Thursday, September 13, 2012


I finished this a couple weeks ago and just forgot to post! I'm sorry! I call it Beatrice with a B, since it is the second one. The next will be Caitlin.

Right now I'm working on Wedgwood blue blue fabric, which, of course, I dyed myself. I'm using some lace that I also dyed, to an ivory, with another piece of fabric. I am working on embroidery in a color that matches the lace. I'm using the hexagonal piece as a collar and the straight piece at the hem. I'll post it when I finish. I think it's going to be awesome.

I'm working on a long piece of lace right now. I want 36" and have about 28" now, so there's not too much to go. I found that all of a sudden, I can work faster and with less effort.

And I've got some new dolls!

The dark haired girl is Raven and the little one is Bethany. Yesterday, there was a half price sale at one of the doll merchants, and Charles bought me a Shea! I'm so excited! She is done up as the older sister of this Bethany I have: her hair and eyes will be the same color. I'll be able to make sister outfits!

I'm also trading some outfits for a doll set, Olivia and Effie. Olivia is the same size as Bethany but with a much prettier face. Effie is a little doll. I'm trading the Wedgwood outfit and a sister set of white dresses smocked in variegated blue.

I feel so much peace lately about what I'm doing. Well, aside from the horrible constant wanting for new dolls. There is one more 14" doll that I really want (Lark) and a 14" doll that I sorta want (Wren). Then I also want another 12" set, Suchin and Sasha--Sasha being Suchin's doll. Then I want to find a doll for Bethany. Since I'm trading the next three outfits, I won't have money to buy those dolls, but I'll be getting a great one in exchange.

So far, Raven is my favorite. I think she is so beautiful!