Sunday, November 25, 2012

Return to Blogging... Maybe...

I've noticed that most of my Facebook posts lately seem to be about my doll costuming, so I'm thinking abut moving back to blogging. I hate to bore people on Facebook. Even the doll artists I know on Facebook don't really talk a lot about their craft over there. I think it's time to move.

Maybe I should return by saying I've given up, for lack of a more sympathetic verb, on making dolls. I've gone back to doll costuming, but this time it doesn't seem like second best. I am finally finding my heart in these details. I love the Kish dolls, and I'm approaching them like a collector instead of a means to a paycheck.

Also, I'm collecting again, and I'm obsessive about it. I get $150 a month from the paycheck, and I'm already spending next month's money in my head. Will it be Wren or Lark or Olivia? I'm leaning towards Wren today because she is rare and I've found her at an online shop where I can do a layaway.

I'm working on an outfit with some heavy embroidery. It is very satisfying, but slow, work. I am ready to stitch the next color, since i am doing all of the work in each color at a time. This is the second in a set of three dresses I've promised for a doll trade. The first dress was lovely and used some lace that I made. I think the third dress will be something simple. The value of what I've produced so more exceeds the value of the doll, but I heart this collector and enjoy doing the work for her.

Anyway, a photo of what I'm currently working on, and some photos of the last dress I finished, which I named Caitlyn, going with the alphabetic naming of the series.