Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm back

So I stopped blogging because I switched over to iPad and Apple hates anything Google. But now I have a Google Nexus 7 and I love it. Now blogger works just fine. I think I will have to get Picasa web albums, whatever the hell that is. But it looks like I can upload from my phone, so I can post some in progress pics until I finish an outfit. Which won't be soon.

I just finished a masterpiece sweater. I'm so happy with it. I am making a smocked dress to go under it and I'm sewing it by hand. I'm rolling the hem for one of the sash ties right now. No, the sash won't show. I cannot make a smocked dress without a sash. It is just physically and morally wrong.

I can think of only one instance where I would not make a sash, but that's for another time.

The dress will have a lot of embroidery at the hem, but not too busy. Just outline stitch and French knots. In just two colors. I wonder how long that will take. I wonder how long it will take to see the dress. There are so many steps, so many pieces in my little puzzle. And there will be hand sewn underwear, too.

I've been unsettled all night, but then I remembered to put jazz on. I'm all better now.

I usually go to a knit night on Thursdays, but I just didn't feel like going tonight. I don't know if I feel like going again. My life is starting to feel claustrophobic. I need more space, fewer planned outings. I also go out Tuesday and Friday nights, but I won't give those up. But I also want to see Lovee more.

So, pretty recently, I have purchased five Götz dolls, and I have one on layaway, to be free next week. They are 19.5". Much bigger than my Kishes. I like the scale so much more. I don't feel like making anything for my Kishes now, but they are so beautiful, I could never give them up.

Anyway, I need to stop buying dolls and get some supplies. I want two, TWO, bolts of fabric and some more yarn. I want fancy thread, too. I might want some bobbin lace supplies, too, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep that hobby. That's about five months of spending allowance, without the lace supplies. I'm also interested in getting some French lace, machine made, for some heirloom sewing. I can probably get that after I buy more dolls. Because I want more dolls. Oh yes. More dolls.

I told Charles I eventually want a doll cabinet. He said he thought that was a great idea. How did I find this man?