Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Supplies!

I've been working on my lace skills lately. I have a book called A Visual Guide to Bucks Point Lacemaking, and I worked up to number 9 when I first started about eight years ago before I gave it up. It takes patience! I think I'll stick with it this time. I'm planning to spend half my day lacemaking and half my day dollmaking. Yesterday I woke up at 3:30 and wanted to make lace! I worked at it for ten hours. I think it will be perfect for my dolls. I have reduced the pattern 67% and switched to the next to finest thread. I ordered the finest, just so that I can say I use the finest cotton thread available. I can actually see the pattern with my regular glasses, and the fine thread looks so beautiful.

Why haven't I started my dollmaking yet?! I've been unpacked now for two whole days! I needed some PFD Kona Cotton and it came in today from Dharma Trading. They have new dyes in skin tones and I picked them up, too. I have planned from the beginning to dye my own fabric, but I was going to use RIT. RIT has recipes on their websites for hundreds of colors, but they are given for 1 cup measurements. I already know how to use Dharma dyes, so I feel much more comfortable with this method. I'm washing the fabric now and maybe tonight I'll dye it. Tomorrow I'll make my mold.

I'm wishing now that I wasn't taking Spanish, but at the time I really needed a big distraction from dollmaking. Now I want less distraction! I'm totally going to get an A, so I'm not going to drop. I've just lost all interest in the subject. Although it's a good thing to know Spanish in Texas.

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