Monday, July 9, 2012


I finished a piece of smocking on blue mini gingham this weekend. I out white points on the hem and did embroidery on them. Then I put in a whipped running stitch around the cuffs, collar, and the pointed side of the hem. I'm really happy with it. I sized it for my doll, whose arm fell off this morning. I'm not loving her today. I'm working on a new piece of smocking on a piece of lawn which I have dyed a pale green. The actual name is yucca green. I'm going to do the smocking all in white, and then either do a hem stitch (easy) or a hand stitches scalloped edge (probably more trouble than it's worth). Knowing me, I'll probably do the more complicated hem. I'll decide after the smocking is finished. This piece is for a 14" Kish. I need money for lace books!


  1. Oh! Smocking! I'll be it looks lovely. The white smocking on green sounds just gorgeous, too, lovely and cool on a summer dress.

    As for scallops, I remember my Mother putting proper scallops on a costume I needed for dancing school (We were singing 'Good ship Lollipop')Everyone else just sewed a curvy hemline and my Mother was very sniffy about it!They do look pretty and they seem to help the skirt stick out mor

    I'd say, do them. The effort is never wasted. Will we get to see Miss 14" Kish all dressed up?

    1. Rhissy, if I finish ANYTHING, you will see it! Have you seen my other outfits?

    2. I'd seem some of your doll dresses. I remember the bullion stitch roses and how lovely they were.