Thursday, August 16, 2012


Here is my Abigail outfit:

So I finally finished something! The shoes and hat are something new to me with this outfit. This was sold before it was finished. My customer saw an in-progress pic and contacted me about it. She offered a good price, too!

I have been knitting obsessively for about a week. I tried out a pattern in a yarn I can't use. I ordered some yarn I could use. I altered the pattern. It took several tries to get it right. I'm still knitting, but the urgency has gone out of it.

I am working on a green outfit now. The cuffs were too small to go over the hands and the bodice didn't look right. I cut off the whole bodice and started over. It's much better this time, but I have all this embroidery to do over. I'm feeling a bit flat about it all.

I'm obsessing about dolls right now, too. I have one on layaway and I've picked out the next 2 dolls I'm going to buy. Well, and the two after that, too. And maybe two more after that. Plus there are these gorgeous porcelain dolls... But I won't get them. Too expensive and no market for the clothes. If I still had a doll cabinet... But no. No to the porcelain dolls.

I've had a day. We'll go out for nachos and margaritas at Taco Cabana. $6.23 for both of us because it's Happy Hour. Can't beat that!


  1. Oh my gosh. This one got right past me; I am so sorry I didn't get here to see it earlier.

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous dress. The shoes are wonderful! Thank you for the close up pictures. and I can well understand why your customer was so keen to have the set.

    1. I'll update with the last one. I've sort of forgotten about my blog. I'm spending all my time on the Kish Chrysalis yahoo group. Anything else goes on Facebook, and that's pretty much it. I will do a big update.