Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have finished NOTHING since I last posted here, which is why I haven't posted. I work VERY slowly, which is a little discouraging, but I'm very happy with everything I make. And I sold something before I finished it. If I just finish it, I can buy a doll I really want.

I'm working on two doll outfits, and of course, when I finish, I'll post photos. I need to make two dolls, two head ornaments, and two pair of white stockings. Everything else, including some awesome shoes, is finished. Nice to write it down to realize how close I am.

I'm working on a piece of lace. I have 14" and need 36". I'll post a photo of that when I finish, but maybe before that. It's a pretty pattern.

And I'm working on a knitting project. It's a sweater for a doll. I'm just working the pattern now as practice for the real thing when the real yarn gets here.

I got a new doll, the smaller Chrysalis doll, Bethany. My third outfit will be for the new doll, and it's all I can think about now.

Oh Louise, I'm thinking about skipping the dolls and the hats. I could list them today if I just stopped. But I won't. Maybe I'll finish the dolls today.

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  1. Welcome back! And congratulations on getting the Bethany doll. She's so pretty. I'm really looking forward to seeing some doll's clothes posted here. You made the shoes? Wow.

    As for working slowly, I say Hah! I'm finally making the stockings for a doll I started ten years ago. Now that's s l o w!