Saturday, June 1, 2013


Just remembered I can't wash my fabric today! A minor set back, but still an irritation. See, we had to buy a new washer, and my partner insisted on an expensive energy efficient model. This means I have to use special low foam detergent, and I just ordered it last week. And I chose the cheapest. Slowest delivery method. Oh woe is me!


  1. Well, I understand the new washing machine and yes, the fancy detergent is essential. In the UK, where almost all washing machines are front loaders, buying the other kind of washing powder is really hard. If you use it by mistake, the machine fills up with foam which then gurgles out all over the floor...

  2. Selling my infinite water setting top load Maytag washer (and dryer) if you can figure out where to hook up another, for dye purposes!!!

  3. Lol, Pam, I just dye in five gallon buckets and a big stock pot! I'm very small time! But thank you for thinking of me!

    I am off of knitting right now. Doing some embroidery. I need to post about my new doll!