Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Doll

There is a new doll in my life, and my Kishes have been packed away. She is a Little Darling by Diana Effner. I have named her Emma Jane, because you pick a name with these dolls. Technically, she is a Claire, with freckles, painted by Geri Uribe. All of these dolls are hand painted. She's very sweet. Not quite as realistic in proportion as the Kishes, and a little younger than I usually like, but I'm drawn to her, so she is the one right now! I have three more on order, but there is a terribly long waiting list for these dolls. I expect two around October and the third around Christmas.

Anyway, here she is with some different wigs on.

Right now I have stepped away from the knitting obsession to do some embroidery. It feels really good to come back to it. I've been knitting non-stop for a few or three months.


  1. Oh, Simon, I missed this! I knew you were getting one but I haven't seen these photos. She's really lovely. What a sweet and wistful face. Which wig did you pick? I usually like dolls hair loose and flowing but I have to admit, I rather like the braided rolls at the top. I have a silly question. Are those gorgeous eyes painted?

    1. Yes, the eyes ARE painted! They look like glass eyes. I started putting the braided buns wig on backwards and it's much cuter. Usually she is bald because I don't want to mess up the wigs.

      I've decided the have just three of these dolls, spend the rest of any money I make on supplies replenishment and bobbin lace things. I'm having fun--that's what counts!

    2. Thank you so much for letting me know. I'm going to have to look closely at this kind of eye. It's a remarkable finish for paint,