Saturday, November 8, 2014

Doing Math

I'm finally to the point in this outfit where I have to sew the dress together. I've been dreading this step! I'm still working on seaming by hand, and it's not a pretty site! Yet!

Another part I was dreading is the math part. Yes I have a degree in math. This is different. Or maybe it isn't.

Attach collar
After sewing front to back and lining front to lining back
After inserting sash
After adding extension
After piecing extension

And then embroidery, and then hemming

It's a lot of brain fumbling, and once you start, you have to keep going until you finish it, so you don't forget everything!

I've made some shoes that satisfy me. I've made one pair of pretty socks, but I'll probably make another, longer pair for the final presentation. And I love the sweater I've made. Plus the extra full slip with attached pantaloons and lazy daisies all along the ruffle edge. I'll make the dress shorter so the embroidery shows.

I really love working with these larger dolls, and I have five now that need homemade clothes. One doesn't need homemade clothes. I need to work faster! And there are at least three more dolls that I want to buy. Or four. Hopefully I get Christmas money this year!

And here I go!

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