Monday, August 25, 2014

If you build it, they will come!

I've been looking for an embroidery group on meetup for the longest time, so today I took it upon myself to create one! I got my favorite cross stitch project out and started back up in a very conspicuous place. And then I fucked it up in a way that can't be fixed. Oh well. I've done too much to turn back now! I must have started this in 2000. I've done other things since then. This one has a lot of very tedious stitches, but I love the design. The original was featured on Antiques Roadshow. Anyway, I remember how much I love cross stitch, so I'm having a really nice time.


  1. So, you're starting an embroidery group? That sounds wonderful! Add embroidery to the list of things I can't do! (like...counting, playing the piano, driving a car and knitting). Will you teach it, or is it for advanced embroiderers?

    1. Oh I'm so fickle. I set up a cross stitch MeetUp, and then decided all I really wanted to do was stitch with my friend Lovee. We haven't spent time together in a long time because we were attempting to get together in the afternoon, when really we are both night people. So now we have a date, every Wednesday night. We had so much fun last week! I tried to cancel that MeetUp, but I'm not sure it worked. People might show up and I won't be there. Oops. There is definitely a need in the community for a cross stitch group, but it's not my responsibility to make it.