Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lace 13

I think this is a really pretty pattern. I worked it all the way around, because I was planning to do the sewing, but I hated the sewing so much that I just cut the threads off. I will never do a sewing.

The next one is ugly, so I've decided to skip it. This is difficult for me because I'm neurotic about doing things in order. ORDER. Order is important. But I realized that life is too short to make ugly lace. Lace 15 is another really pretty pattern.


  1. turned out beautiful. everyone in class missed you today.

    1. Thanks, Deanna! I didn't do the sewings. Wimped out. I missed going to class today, but I was heavily sedated early last night and didn't wake up until ten. I have a nice variety of health problems.

    2. Well, I see that was posted at 9:55, so clearly I was up before ten. Who knows what I was doing this morning. I don't seem to know.

  2. Oh, how pretty! And yes, life is clearly too short to waste making ugly lace. Thank you for posting these up. I'm still fascinated by your progress. I don't do anything in order. Not even vacuuming the floor!