Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sewing for Kish again

It is decided. I will sew for Kish again. I have tried making these dolls since November, and I find it impossible to combat my anxiety and follow through. I am trying to buy a Bethany-size doll, hopefully, keep our fingers crossed, an Olivia, to go with the 14" girls.

I am breaking out my cotton mousseline finally. The whole bolt needs to be folded in half, and then I will cut some 1/2 yard pieces for dyeing. I have so many lovely colors, and this fabric is totally fabulous. You can see your hand through it.

I feel OK about this. Sewing clothes is much safer. This time I will make OOAK outfits, with matching shoes.

I am full of wonderful ideas for how to make a doll, I just can't do it myself. It's sad, but it's good to be decided finally.


  1. that cotton mousseline sounds interesting. is it a thin cotton muslin? do you buy it locally? there used to a cotton muslin sold many years ago called 'domestic' that i loved for its thinness but it's not sold anymore.

    1. Well, I bought it from Capital Imports in bulk, 22 yards. It was described as batiste, but it is marked mousseline. They also call it fairy fabric, because it is almost transparent. It is very light weight and very beautiful. If I remember, I'll bring a piece on Tuesday if you're interested.

      I dye very pale shades of solid color, nothing interesting like you do.

    2. kind of sounded like a batiste. if you remember, just bring a snip so i can see it.

    3. It sounds lovely stuff to sew, fragile and pretty and it will look lovely with your lace. You'll show the doll's clothes, right? Good luck getting an Olivia and let us know if you find one?

    4. I wasn't able to get the Olivia, but I have a Bethany on lay-away.