Sunday, November 27, 2011

Changing Methods

Well, I've decided to try making one-of-a-kinds. Everything I see on Etsy is a OOAK, and I'm feeling inferior for planning limited editions. I did a lot of work for the first one yesterday. I may have messed up a leg and I DEFINITELY messed up an arm. But this is a learning process! Mistakes will be made!

I made a model for the cloth portion. The cloth portion will have a blank for the head and shoulder plate, and then full size lower torso and upper legs. The head and shoulder plate will be built over the cloth form, like an Izannah Walker doll. The arms and lower legs will be separate. I will sculpt on the shoes, I think, and glue human hair directly to the head, like in that Japanese BJD-making book (can't remember the name of it).

I think the most intimidating part will be the painting. I've never spent much time painting, so that will be my challenge. I'm going to try watercolor paints, maybe some pastels, but I'll experiment and see what I get.


  1. I can't wait to see how this goes! New Follower.

  2. I too, am looking forward to see what you come up with - the face from the mould looks great. New follower too!

  3. Wow! How did you two find me? Lol. I should be able to start working again later this month. Maybe I'll finish something finally?

    I was just thinking about whether I should keep this going.

  4. Yes, please do keep it going. I found you because you left a comment on my blog. I'd love to see more pictures of your work - any chance that you could upload more here? Even unfinished or works in progress, past work - anything!
    I'd be happy to do a bloggy feature about you, if you wouldn't mind - I've got a fair few followers - I could send some your way, I'm sure.