Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Perils of the Long Awaited Rain

We've had drought for over a year. It finally rained. On the day I cast my clay. Sheesh. It hasn't dried yet and it's been two days. I'm getting a little nervous, and I'm not at all sure my molds were completely ready. I will pull the clay out tomorrow, I think, regardless.

I've decided to make editions of 12, starting with the head in the first photo below. I'm going to make her in the outfit she's wearing in the photo, which has a ton of pleats. I think I'll do it in some fabric I've died ivory, with white ribbon, and black hat, stockings, and shoes. I'm so excited! If only this clay would dry!

Since I'm basically doing nothing, I decided to do some smocking. It's light blue gingham, which is lovely to smock! Everything lines up perfectly, and in the end, all the darker lines are together. I'm smocking it in a dark blue, and will finish it with white bullion daisies. I have nice ideas for other smocked dresses, too, in fabric that I will dye. I'm having a good time.

Yesterday I ordered tags and a digitized logo! Now I'm just waiting for my armature wire so I can sculpt the body. I just need some hair now. I can't wait to see the first doll! 

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