Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A new friend told me that my emails sound like blog posts, which makes me think maybe I should start blogging again. I used to use LiveJournal all the time. I figure you can just skip over my posts if you find them uninteresting. If I do start blogging regularly, it will mostly concern my struggle to be creative and productive while living with debilitating mental illness.

For the rest of the day, I will focus on finishing a pair of doll socks. They make me so happy because they are perfect human replicas! I have totally fallen for knitting, to the neglect of my lacemaking. I thought the lace was taking too much time away from my dressmaking. The dressmaking was the thing that was going to make my income, but I only really earned $300 plus a doll set for all of last year. That is hardly worth my stress. I think I may try to return to lace. It is so satisfying to make something so beautiful.

I did a very little work on my pattern today. I use purple air soluble marker to show how to cut out the pattern pieces to preserve fabric. I've found that a half yard is enough for both the undergarment and the pinafore of the first design. I don't think there is enough for two undergarments, though.

So now I'm curious about the lace, lol. Maybe I'll do that the rest of the day. There. Blogging just changed my life, lol.

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