Saturday, May 11, 2013


I really want to be studying something.

I thought I might study to become an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, and then working part of the year at H&R Block on taxes. But Charles brings up a good point: only stupid people can't do their taxes on Turbo Tax. I don't believe that. It's just what he says. And I don't really like tax.

I thought about taking Spanish, which would be really helpful where I live. But I took half of a Spanish class a while back, and it took ALL my time. I wouldn't be able to work at my business and study Spanish at the same time. Plus it's hard.

Today I'm thinking about math again. I want to retake my math classes. I think it's fun. I want to go way back, to pre-Calculus. Really deeply learn graphing. Then take all four Calculus courses at ACC, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Discrete Math. Ultimately I would like to take the Actuary exams. Not necessarily for a job. Just for fun. I love studying this stuff. Maybe someday I would want a job, if I could get one. But for now, I would just like to take pre-Calculus.

So that's where I am today. I want to take math and it's frivolous and won't really lead anyway. It's just fun. And maybe I could tutor after I finish. I could do that part-time, even. I might like that.

Now I'm going to drink wine and make lace.

Edit: Just coming back to say that I think lace making is very mathematical. It makes me think about math.

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