Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Care for the mental invalid...

I've been doing too much lately and I've been paying by taking too much of my rescue medication, which causes weight gain and diabetes. It's nasty stuff, but it works. I've been trying to leave the house too much, and I need to cut back to get my sanity on track again. I'm only going to go out twice on a regular basis. I'll go to the knitting shop on Thursday nights and either Friday morning or Sunday afternoon. My meetup group will cut back to once a month. Part of my choice has to do with money. Charles has decided to go to school more slowly, so we will not have financial aid and will have to be more careful with money. When I go to my meetup, I always spend at least twelve dollars. There are many advantages to going to school more slowly, like stability. That's important to me. We will be here at least two more years. I really like where we live.

I've been working on lace and drinking wine all day. I need to finish up with the wine and have lunch, then do something with sewing. I think I will put together a dress with lace. If I sell two dresses with lace, I will have enough money for a new set of bobbins! And I just happen to have two pieces of lace! Now I know I was just complaining about money. I am not always logical.

Anyway, off and away! I'm pulling out a piece of fire red and many little bags of dark red bugles!

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