Monday, August 25, 2014


My focus since last Wednesday has been piano interspersed with reading. I have no interest in knitting, sewing, or dolls, but a vague interest in taking up cross-stitch again. I don't know how long this will last. It takes a while to create a habit, I should look it up, but my excitement with playing piano is carrying me through. I have my little goals and I've been meeting them everyday. It's hard on my spirit to be playing such easy music compared to what I played in college, but I believe I can reach a very high level if I can keep at it.

I think music and math are the highest pursuits, and I feel invigorated by trying to fulfill my potential. Math isn't going anywhere for me, but music could fill the rest of my life. I may take lessons on my own terms next year. I have terms, lol. One hour every other week, my choice in literature, no writing on my music unless I do it, and no recitals. A lot of teachers won't accept those terms.

I've been really happy. I've wanted to read a lot lately. I read Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility. I wanted more, so I found a list of classics on Good Reads that I'm going to work on. I've always regretted not reading the classics. I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird now. Next on their list is Pride and Prejudice, if you can believe that! Yes please! Many of the books will be free on Gutenberg, but I had to pay for Mockingbird, not much.

I am retrenching in some areas of my life, reducing the drama I was exposed to, but I'm still going to get out once a week, to keep my psychiatrist happy. I guess it will be knitting for now, but I may look into cross-stitch and see if there are any groups.


  1. These all sound like worthy things. You can do all of them, you know, as the fancy takes you!

    1. I haven't updated. I got the cross stitch out and remembered how much I REALLY LOVE CROSS STITCH. And still playing piano. I've been looking at Google trying to find a piano teacher, and I've been really unimpressed with what I've found so far.

      A pause to eat ice cream and get a beer. Have you tried Shiner Bock? I think you would really like it. It's made in Texas. We've done one thing right. I put I've ice in mine, but since you're British, you probably like yours warm.

      Anyway, I don't even want lessons now that I put some thought into what I actually want. Which is to get Tom to help out a little. Of Tom doesn't work out, I asked my friend who runs a violin shop and knows where I'm coming from, and he has someone in mind.