Friday, August 15, 2014

Some Good News

First, this is a scarf I'm making to match my hat and gloves.

I got a couple Martha Pullen books yesterday for a good price on Amazon. It resparked my interest in historical costume and Dresden lace, which is white on white fancy embroidery. I started thinking I would drop knitting. The horizon doesn't hold much cold weather for me, so there is really only doll knitting to do. If I'm doing historical doll work, there's no reason to keep up the knitting.

But today something really good happened, and I'm knitting again. A while ago, seems like a couple months, but probably not that long, I applied for a scholarship for a TKGA course on professional finishing. Today I got word that I got it. I am so excited! Inspired again by knitting and very very grateful. This course has four lessons and then a project. The project is a complete cardigan, which uses most of the techniques covered in the course. I just happen to have a current cardigan project, and I didn't want to finish before taking this class. So I'll get to finish it this year. I'm so happy!

I also have yarn for a big coat that is unnecessarily difficult, or tricky. I wanted to have this course information before making it.

So it's a good day for knitting! And now I'm getting back to it. ..


  1. I think Blogger ate my comment! Well, bother!

    This is really good news, though! I'm very excited for you and very glad you're not going to put down your knitting needles. You do such inspiring work and I am in awe of your dedication and focus. A scholarship? That's wonderful, not least because it's always heartening to get support and validation from sources that also put up money.

    I wouldn't normally wish snow on anyone, but I do hope you get a chance to wear your woolies. A knitted coat can be wonderful. My Nanna knitted one for me when I was a little bairn, and it grew with me! Loved that coat!

    1. So that's how you spell it! Bairn!

      This class costs $200, so I would have to save for two months to afford the course. Which is pretty much impossible for me. Save or buy dolls?

  2. This knit piece is amazing! Love it.♡♡♡

    1. Thank you! It's just a scarf, but I designed what little design there is. The special stitch is called thistle stitch, and it's the design focus of the hat and gloves I made from someone else's patterns.