Sunday, August 10, 2014

well, that passed

Thank goodness. That dollmaking bug passed. I'm happy to buy my dolls today. I'm quite fickle, though, so that could change at any minute.

I'm still working on the same design element on Hannah's underwear, a hem stitch. Real simple, but over 64". It's taking quite some time. Of course that never really bothers me, but this is the first time I've made something for such a large doll, and this is the first time I've sewn by hand. I haven't put a full night on it yet because I've been really tired lately. I foolishly allowed myself to run out of thyroid hormones. It's been two weeks since I ran out and I'm really feeling the fatigue.

After this hem stitch, I'm going to put in two pin tucks. This is just for the bottom ruffle. In the skirt, I want to do three rows of drawn thread work to echo the hem stitch, separated with two sets of two pintucks. The skirt is 32" wide.

Did I say I have a doll in the mail? Probably. I'm really excited about her. I'll save for fabric next. The stuff I prefer has gone up $40 per bolt. Then I need a red head Hannah and a black Hannah. That should be enough Hannahs. That will make four.

I found an old briefcase thing the other day and I've decided it's perfect for keeping my design tools together. It has four file sections and one deep section. Lots of pockets in the front. It's an accordion-type thing.

I have too many ideas for what to do next. One involves knitting with cashmere! Yummy! One involves designing a fitted pieced sweater for a predominantly red fair isle cardigan. Another is a possible picture embroidery type thing, a forest scene, inspired by some of the work Maggie Iacono does on her pinafores. She paints but I would be embroidering. But I don't know how to do crewel, so I don't know how that would work out.

Well I have just enough beans for a half pot of coffee. I plan to drink it all tonight and do as much sewing as possible! But first I'm going to look at some books on whitework. I get so distracted. Probably why it takes me so long to finish things.


  1. I know I shouldn't poke at the dollmaking thing, but have you ever considered making little dolls for your girls? The trick for a doll's doll is that the little doll has to look like an actual doll, not a small child. (Wow, I got the word 'doll' four times into that sentence. Talk about obsessed!) They could be rag dolls with floppy limbs and tiny matching dresses.

    1. I did that a few times when I started up sewing again. I think I only made three.

    2. Oh! Oh! Really? Are there any pictures? *looks hopeful*

    3. This is the only one I could find:
      It's an Edith Flack Ackley pattern shrunk down.