Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Half Scale Dolls

I've always dreamed of making half scale dolls, and when I started this most recent quest, I was persuaded by two persuasive people, both of whom I really respect, to make smaller dolls. That was a run-on sentence. I like the idea of working in half scale. You can have half scale smocking, half scale stitches, half scale lace. Well, stitches and lace can only be small and not half scale, but I can do small. I want to make a bigger doll. Maybe even needle-sculpt the face. Himstedt made big dolls. Why can't I?


  1. Half scale is what? 6 inches for every foot? (I'm never very good at working out scales.) That would make for some beautifully detailed clothes. Yes, you could needle-sculpt the face and add cute features like dimply knees and elbows! If you find a good needle sculpting face pattern, let me know! Oh, and I have a giveaway running on my blog, if you want to join in. It's my first! Wish me luck!

    1. Yes! Six inches for each foot. It's easier to think of it in inches. A 48" child would make a 24" doll. I can take a child's pattern, reduce it by 50%, and use it on the doll. It's very cool.

    2. IPad hates blogger. I haven't caught up on my blogs lately, so I missed your birthday post. I usually check once or twice a week.

    3. I think Blogger skips stuff. I know I miss lots of updates. My favourite blogs (like yours, Mary Ann's and the doll blogs) get checked to see if there's any new posts that didn't make it to the Blogger Dashboard.

      Thank you for the tip about scale. See, I told you I was clueless! The bit about halving the size of patterns to fit, that's brilliant!