Friday, May 25, 2012

Step one for the big doll

You may accuse me of jumping to another project without finishing the first one, and I'm fine with that. I'm starting my big doll and here is the very first step:

I've got sizes for everything from children's sizing charts. I even know the foot size. I'm going to build an armature in wire, fill with batting, cover with a thin layer of apoxie sculpt, and make the final exterior in paper clay. I'm so excited about this doll!

I just ordered the Material Kid from this page:
I want my doll body to look like this, and it's been a long time since I made up this pattern. I'll make it up and pick and choose which parts I want.


  1. Do you know how many dolls I've put off making because I've felt bad about not finishing the one I'm on? Lots. And then I gave that up, as being anti-creative. If you stall on a project, take up another. We're doing this for fun, right? That's a neat idea, scaling up those proportion pictures to the size you need. She's going to be a big girl! Keep us posted!

    1. Thank you for saying that, Rhissy. Makes me feel a little better.

      I always scale up the body picture. First I reduce it to dollhouse scale, and then enlarge it for the size I want. For a one half scale body, multiply the dollhouse scale by 6, since 6/12 is 1/2. For one third scale, multiply dollhouse scale by 4, since 4/12 is 1/3. I have a bachelor in math with a concentration in actuary science, so I can do this math in my sleep.

      This doll is 24". I'm so excited about making a big doll! I want to sew the clothes by hand using French hand sewing techniques. I want to make lace and sew it into the clothes. Embroidery all over, even white work embroidery. Smocking in the palest shades of all colors. Palest colors for the skin. Oh how I love my neurosis! I'll never make any money at it, but who cares? Charles gets a raise in July, lol.

      edited because my math was wrong!

    2. Lols at the maths being wrong. Heck, I can't count. Maybe the lace making and the mathematics taps into similar skills? The planned doll sound really lovely, all pastels. What colour will you do the hair? Baby blonde? Very dark, like a Snow White?

    3. I think Snow White-ish. I'm getting excited. So many ideas are swirling through my head. I feel like I'm going to explode.

      Math, music, languages, and art are related. It seems like I can do a lot, but it's really all the same thing, and I haven't really developed my art skills. Music came along about that time, but before music, I always won first place in art competitions.