Friday, May 25, 2012

A Project for Tomorrow

I want to make a dress for the doll I probably won't make for another month. Since I know she's half scale, I can decrease my child's pattern by 50%! I'm going to get the pattern ready tomorrow. I also want to do a bunch a lace. I also want to read a book about macrobiotics. And I want to cook some nice macrobiotic food. So much to do for someone without a job. Oh! And I might cut up my bolt of batiste!


  1. I just had a look at the Material Kid on that pattern website you mentioned. Very interesting body construction. Perhaps I ought to re-think how I sew bodies, as my pattern is just a flat pancake torso with some random darts? Thank you for posting the website. They have a full sized mannequin doll pattern! I'm almost tempted to get it.

    1. I replied wrong. My comment isn't connected to yours.

  2. She has wonderful dress patterns for the lady dolls, I only think they are for the life sized doll, not sure. Lacis bought her out, so they probably come from them. The Material Kid pattern is what inspired me to make a more detailed pattern, but anything that works, works. Your dolls look great! They don't need to be more complex!