Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Pattern Pieces Are Gone!

Somewhere in my last half-scale doll making adventure, I lost the important pattern pieces to my favorite basic pattern, so no sewing for me today. Plus I'm waiting for the doll pattern before making my own pattern. So this means all lace, all the time. And that's ok. I'm a little behind anyway. Plus I LOVE it, and I'm learning bobbin flippin'!


  1. Bobbin' flippin'? Sounds like a step in a square dance!

    It's a bother when stuff like that disappears, though. You know it will turn up when you don't need it any more.

    1. I'm bobbin flippin' again today, but enjoying it much more.

      The last time I tried to make dolls, I got so frustrated that I threw out all my good stuff, stuff I can't ever get back, and I truly regret that. However, I have a second chance with this pattern, and I am ecstatic about that.

      I should have that doll pattern by the end of the week, and then I'll have some stuff to do. I forgot about the really cool neck joint on that doll. The head twists. However, the arms are sewn straight to the body, with a wire going from one hand to the other. I would like to joint the shoulders like the head.

    2. Rhissan, I got my replacement pattern today and those pattern pieces I couldn't find last time just jumped out of the envelope!