Monday, May 7, 2012

Practice Coloring

Well, I jumped a little hurdle. I've been so worried about coloring my doll faces, and I finally got out my stuff and practiced a little. The effect I want is a very pale coloring on very pale fabrics, both for the bodies and the clothing. The eyebrows got out of hand, and there is a stray mark on the forehead, but otherwise, this is very close to my vision. I'm afraid of coloring eyebrows. erg.

I still need to make ears.


  1. Oh, yes, faces are the big issue. I understand about the eyebrows and how unnerving it all is. What did you use to colour the face? Everything looks pretty symmetrical and she has such a sweet, wistful expression.

    1. I thought, oh, you must be British. But then I saw that you are in Arkansas. Then I saw that you are British, lol.

      I used pastels and pencils for the face. She looks very much like the doll I finished years and years ago, but that doll was much smaller. It's my profile picture.

      Thank you for the sweet part :-)

  2. I find doing the faces the hardest part of the doll. Maybe I'm too critical of my work but I do find it to be my least favourite bit.