Saturday, May 19, 2012


I registered for my first woodworking class yesterday! I am so excited about learning to work with wood. I want to make lace pillows and bobbins! The class goes from 5:00 to 10:20 once a week for the Fall semester at Austin Community College. I'm already practicing staying up late. I usually pass out around 8:00, lol.


  1. I had a friend at work that used to take night school courses with me. One year she took a woodworking course. She made a dining room table. I was amazed. I wasn't interested in woodworking so I took porcelain doll making instead. Next year we took bookbinding:) We also took an accounting course together but that wasn't as much fun:(

    1. I cannot imagine making a dining room table after one class. That's amazing! I wonder what I'll be able to make. There are eight or nine classes in the series. I would take cabinet making, too, but it's too expensive right now.I would like to make doll furniture, too.

      Accounting isn't very fun. Why would you take that?! I was an accountant, but apparently I wasn't very good, because I don't have a job anymore. Everyday I thought I would be fired. I was constantly stressed out. But I loved the people I worked with.

  2. Good luck with the new discipline! And, yes, I have to agree, Accounting doesn't sound like fun at all.

  3. I was a banker so I had to take the accounting course as part of my job:( My friend made the dining room table after two night class sessions/cycles which were about 10 weeks each so after 20 weeks she had a table.