Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yes, my energy has waned. I'm not ALWAYS Pollyanna. Yesterday my sewing didn't turn out right, and I didn't have enough dyed fabric to start again. I will have to dye more fabric and then re-draft some pattern pieces. Today I still feel the discouragement and feel like doing nothing, not even my lace. I just want to sit in the comfy chair and tat. Which is probably what I'll do. I deserve a day off, right?

One thing turned out. The body is difficult to stuff because there is an internal shaft for standing that needs to be centered. I got that part right at least. I just hope the newly dyed fabric (which won't be dyed today!) matches what I have already.

This part is personal life, which I try to keep on Facebook. I've recently switched from vegetarianism to veganism. I wanted a muffin from Starbucks this morning and realized I could eat nothing there. I really wanted that blueberry muffin! So I will bake vegan muffins today, and freeze them, so I won't eat all of them at once. I see at least three batches, all different kinds. Blueberry, coffee-chip, and pumpkin-walnut.

So! Tatting and baking today, and that's IT. And maybe I'll make another latte.

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