Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sculpting Aid

Philippe Faraut is an amazing sculptor and has even sculpted dolls before for the home porcelain doll industry. He has some great dvds, books, and sculpting aids. I have this one and it is a huge help. It has children's features in a step-by-step progression. I'm about to use it to make EARS. I am not an ear fan.



  1. Ah yes, ears. I couldn't do them at all, and made everything into fairies, just so I could give them pointy fairy ears and not fiddly human ones. Hubby found me a sculpting book that broke the process down into a series of curves and it became more manageable after that.

    1. What book is it? Maybe it's one of those I bought and never looked at, lol. I have a book purchasing problem! Heck, I have a purchasing problem!

    2. Ok, the book is 'Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay: Tools and Techniques for Sculpting Realistic Figures' It's by Katherine Dewey. She's got a very specific step by step technique, which would suit the methodical,(I'm not at all methodical) all well illustrated with drawings and photos.There's a chapter on making tools, too and a lot of anatomy stuff. Some stuff isn't relevant to doll making, she's a sculptor, rather than a doll maker, but the basic modelling stuff I found very helpful.

    3. Thank you! I am totally going to get that book when we get paid on Saturday!