Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lace Square

Well, I gave up on the sewing. The thread is too fine to hook with the tiniest crochet hook in the world. Don't look too close at this--there are mistakes! I think I'm happy with the thread weights. I wish the ground were lighter, and I could accomplish that by making the pattern bigger, but I like the smallness of it.

I will endeavor to finish the lace in a manner that would be appropriate for doll use. One of the reasons I gave up on connecting the two edges was that there isn't really this sort of application for my dolls. If this were going to be a collar, there would be an opening in the back. So in this case, I could have finished the two ends like the footside with the thick line. Next time, next time. I think next time starts tomorrow. Today I will read a book!

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