Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pattern Making

I have a couple pics for Rhissanna. The first shows the pattern and technique I use to make feet. Part two would be taking another piece of cardboard the same shape, lacing a piece of fabric over it, and slip stitching it to the foot.

The second shows how I make my body patterns. I sculpt the form I want and then STRETCH my fabric over it to make a pattern. It's not exact, but it's close enough to satisfy me, and it's quicker than just guessing. I do guess with the arms and thighs, though.

I use the techniques found in this pattern:

Here are the pics:


  1. What a smart way to make a foot...I must try that:)

  2. I went to the link you gave...those dolls reminded me of a doll maker called Collette Wolff. I hadn't thought about her in ages:) When I was a very young mum I had her pattern catalogue that I drooled over. They were too expensive for me to buy at the time. Ah well:)

    1. How irritating! I can't reply on my iPad!

      Anyway, I had all those Platypus patterns! I never made one! I loved how precise they were. I parted with them about three years ago when I had to trim down my storage items. I also got rid of all my Kezi patterns. I at least made a few of those.

      I used to have a wealthy partner and stayed home because of agoraphobia. I also was figuratively paralyzed and could only sit on the sofa all day. It was a miserable existence, but I'm better now. Less money, though, lol. Still can't work, even though I've had a few good jobs. I couldn't keep leaving the house everyday and could only work for a year or less at each one.

  3. That's it....Platypus. I couldn't remember the name of her company. Yes her patterns were beautiful. I have two Kezi patterns that I have never made up.

    Less money is okay as long as you are feeling better:) As I've gotten older I realize that possessions are not really necessary. Mental and physical health is more important that's why I retired a few years ago. Couldn't take the stress:( It was killing me slowly but surely.

  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you SO much for taking these photos and showing me how it's done. The flat-soled foot is a brilliant concept and it might even wean me away from making fairies with pointed toes because I'm scared of making nice feet. Thank you, thank you!

    The body pattern? I've tried making my own pattern by buying a cheap plastic doll and taping it up with masking tape and then cutting it off carefully where I'd want to seams to go. I like your idea of sculpting the ideal body first, though. Maybe I could try that with a polystyrene block? (That's Styrofoam in the USA) I'm in awe of your attention to detail and your meticulousness.

    As for money and stuff, I turned my back on a huge house, stuffed nine floors high with treasures and books. Never been happier. Stuff is just stuff and time is worth more than money.

    You are a dear to put up these pictures. Thank you, again.

    1. I don't think the masking tape method would work for me. The fabric I use has a bit of stretch in it (Kona Cotton), so I have to stretch it to get the right shape. I use paper clay because I can pin it. Ruins my pins, lol.